Wylie Castanuela, aka “Wy Cast”

Wylie Castanuela

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Wylie’s Bio

Your major: Undecided

Your hometown: West Valley Utah

Where do you live now? West Valley

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about politics and current events happening in world and how it effects people. I am passionate about the change we could all make to make the world better and help others out.

What is your favorite class (or classes) at SLCC? My favorite classes would have to be international politics and this radio class, because the international political class teaches me about the political climate in the world. The radio class teaches me how to be a personality on air and how I can get my voice out there.

Which actor/actress would play you in your life movie? It would probably have to be Alia Shawkat because she is super funny and has a big personality and I think she would fit the role perfectly.

Where do you see yourself in five years? I see myself with a bachelors in what I chose to do and hopefully being happy at the job I worked for.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? If I could have a superpower it would be teleportation so I could save money and not have to buy a car.

Something about you that other people would be surprised to know: People would be surprised to know that I do not like cheese, I know lots of people like it, it is just not my thing.

Wylie’s Favorites

Favorite musicians and/or artists: My favorite musicians of all time would have to be Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. They were both very talented and I loved their voices.

Favorite TV shows and/or movies: My favorite TV show is Malcolm In The Middle, it is such a classic and is always super interesting to watch.

Favorite sports or sports teams: My favorite sport would have to be soccer and football because they both are very hard working and sports full of team effort

Favorite food: My favorite food would have to be

What’s your favorite place to eat? My favorite place to eat currently is called Bombay house because they have the best chicken tikka masala in Utah.

What was your favorite cereal as a kid? My favorite cereal as a kid was probably Fruit Loops because they had all these different colors but honestly blue was probably the best out of them all.