Zack Western

Zack Western

Shift: Tuesdays at 2 p.m.

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Zack’s Bio

Your major: Journalism & Digital Media

Your hometown: West Valley City, UT

Where do you live now? My hometown

What are you passionate about? I love most kinds of media like movies, TV, podcasts, and video games. I spend an embarrassing amount of time on YouTube.

What is your favorite class (or classes) at SLCC? COMM 1560 – Radio Performance & Production

Which actor/actress would play you in your life movie? John Krasinski

Where do you see yourself in five years? Hopefully… Finally… not going to school. I’m been taking classes since 2008 and I’m still not a doctor.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Teleportation! I’m always late. It’s who I am as a person. If I didn’t have a commute though? I’d probably still be late.

Something about you that other people would be surprised to know: I am always working! I’m taking 5 classes, I sell electronics, I’m a freelance videographer, I have a podcast with my wife, I act in local community theatre, and I’m an event and wedding DJ. Just typing that sentence made me tired.

Zack’s Favorites

Favorite musicians and/or artists: Muse, Buddy Holly, Queen, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, Felix Hagan & The Family

Favorite TV shows and/or movies: Star Wars, Back to the Future, La La Land, The Office, Mad Men, Breaking Bad

Favorite sports or sports teams: Utah Utes, Real Salt Lake, Salt Lake Bees, and LA Angels

Favorite food: I will never say no to a Cheeseburger, Fries, and Chocolate Shake.

What’s your favorite place to eat? Mo’ Bettahs, Dog Haus, and early bird specials at the Cracker Barrel

What was your favorite cereal as a kid? Lucky Charms… but only as a kid. There’s no way I’d eat an entire box in one evening as an adult. No way…