Amber Dwyer

Amber Dwyer

Shift: Fridays at 9 a.m.

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Amber’s Bio

Your major: Mass Media

Your hometown: Dallas, Texas

Where do you live now? Downtown Salt Lake City

What are you passionate about? Photography, Documentary Filmmaking, Local Music,

What is your favorite class (or classes) at SLCC? Radio or Climate Change

Which actor/actress would play you in your life movie? Zoey Deschanel (Although we dont have simular personalities or looks, I just think she’s cute)

Where do you see yourself in five years? Hopefully done with school and moved out of the country exploring the world

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Flying, so I wouldn’t have to pay for flights anywhere in the world

Something about you that other people would be surprised to know: I like to buy shoes that are a size too big

Amber’s Favorites

Favorite musicians and/or artists: Have so many; Leon Bridges, Amy Winehouse, Cloudkicker, Free Throw (pretty much any genre)

Favorite TV shows and/or movies: I love watching The Office, Parks and Rec and New Girl

Favorite sports or sports teams: Not a big sports fan but I like to watch Ice Hockey and would say I’m a Dallas Stars fan

Favorite food: Ice cream, fries or curry

What’s your favorite place to eat? Vertical Diner

What was your favorite cereal as a kid? Any type of plain grandma cereal ( Cheerios, Rice Chex, Wheaties, etc..)