Amber Gentry

Shift: Wednesdays, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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Amber’s Bio

Your major: Mass Communication

Your hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Where do you live now? Salt Lake City, UT

What are you passionate about? I???m super passionate about writing. You are never going to find me without at least 2 notebooks and 4 pens. (If you every want to give me a gift, that???s a great idea??? hint hint???). I also am big at spending as much time as I possibly can at the library, immersing myself in the screenplay/poetry section. I also have an encyclopaedic memory when it comes to all things pop culture related. I also spend a lot of time in record stores, buying as many forms of outdated music as I can possibly afford. It’s a rough life to lead, but somebody has to do it.

What is your favorite class (or classes) at SLCC? COMM 1560 (Radio Broadcasting) and FLM 1075 (Screenwriting).

Which actor/actress would play you in your life movie? A mix between Julia Louis-Dreyfus (her early Seinfeld years) and Tina Fey, preferably. Or a young, angsty Winona Ryder.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 1) Permanent host of the Late Show and 2) Morning talk show radio host. I’d like to also somehow convert every single abandoned building in the valley into Discotheques, because I feel like this is the one thing our city is severely lacking.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Not necessarily a super power, but being able to control The Force would come in handy in day to day life, I can see myself using the Jedi Mind Trick in order to let myself into more concerts.

Something about you that other people would be surprised to know:

Amber’s Favorites

Favorite musicians and/or artists: Any/All pop music, Alternative rock from the 80???s/90???s, Shoegaze, New Wave, Motown, Disco. Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, New Order, Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, B-52???s, Supremes, Flaming Lips, No Doubt, Material Issue, My Bloody Valentine.

Favorite TV shows and/or movies: Batman and Robin is a cinematic masterpiece. Also pretty much anything by the Cohen Brothers, Quentin Tarantino, Lars Von Trier, Don Hertzfeldt and Wes Anderson. Any movie from the 80???s, the campier, the better. Cult classics are also a must, preferably ones that involve Tim Curry. I am also really big on classic Simpsons episodes, and Seinfeld speaks to me on an almost spiritual level.

Favorite sports or sports teams: Harlem Globetrotters. They can play basketball and solve mysteries with the Scooby Gang. Is there anything they can’t do?

Favorite food: Cheeseburger, large plate of fries, chocolate milkshake. Perfect meal. I could also eat breakfast foods for every single meal and not get remotely bored. There are so many ways to cook an egg, it’s fantastic.

What’s your favorite place to eat? Blue Plate Diner or Crown Burger.

What was your favorite cereal as a kid? Lucky Charms has the perfect ratio of marshmallows to cat food. What more could you ask for as a part of a balanced breakfast?